Using a Gas Pressure Washer Commercially


If you own a big business, you will understand how a clean space attracts potential clients and promotes a good working environment. Also, a clean working space promotes safety measures since you can easily locate a harmful substance in a clean area compared to a dirty area. However, cleaning large buildings for business purposes can be challenging since many aspects are involved. For instance, there are higher places that you cannon reach without extra help. Again, the dirt can be extreme in such a way you cannot remove it with ease the ordinary way. Under such circumstances, you will realize the need for a commercial pressure washer. The machine will simplify all your job and make it easy. However, you must know how to use a gas pressure washer when handling commercial cleaning services. That is why this article provides a detailed illustration of how to use such a powerful machine. Read on to understand better.

How to Use a Gas-Powered Pressure Washer.

As you start operating your gas pressure washer, do the following:

  • Clear the inlet filter from any debris.
  • Connect all the required accessories.
  • Remove the air and prepare the system by running water through the washer for 1 minute.
  • Press the trigger for the spray wand to emit water pressure.
  • Start the engine by pulling the started cord.

Although using a pressure washer for the first time can be hard to some extent, consider having an expert to give you directions as you follow. With time, you will become a pro.

Tips to consider when using a gas pressure washer.

Water supply- Each gas-powered pressure washer has specified water delivery requirements. Ensure you read the manual carefully and put your garden hose in a position that will emit the required amount of pressure based on your pressure washer.

Note: You must ensure the water flows freely without any obstacles. Do this by checking the water inlet filter, then clear any debris if present.

Starting a gas-powered pressure washer.

Start the pressure washer when you are certain the water is flowing through the washer, and spray the wand properly. Once the water flow is good, do the following:

Fix the hose connection tightly to avoid air entering into the lines.

Put the spray wand to low or no pressure setting for safety measures when the machine starts. If your gas pressure washer has an individual nozzle tip, remove the tip at this point.

Turn on the water supply press the spray wand trigger to remove air from the system.

Now, start your gas pressure washer by using your feet to pull the starter cord against the wheel.

At this point, the water is running, and the trigger is off. Now, you can set the pressure according to the machine’s requirements and start washing.


Although using a gas-powered pressure washer can sound like a hard nut to crack, it is a simple process to follow the basic rules and safety precautions. If you aren’t sure of any step, consult with the experts to minimize damages and accidents.


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